Remember these two?

We feel super honored that Kate and Adam flew us out to the UK for their beautiful Fairytale wedding; in the quaint little village of Northop (Llaneurgain) surrounded by the lush beautiful Welsh Countryside. They were married at St Eurgain & St Peter’s Parish Church, the heart and centre-piece of the Northop village. I was astounded to learn from the Vicar that the church dated back to the 12th Century! WOW! Never have I ever shot a wedding somewhere near this old! and I’m only getting started so lets rewind and go back to the beginning.

It was a beautiful British morning, the air was cool and crisp, we met up with Adam for his groom preparations at his family’s farm bed & breakfast. Coincidentally a little baby chick had been born the day before and so it was only fitting the baby was proudly named after Adam!

Afterwards, we headed to meet up the beautiful blushing bride and her bridesmaids. As we drove up towards Soughton Hall, magnificent trees lined¬† either side of the private road and you could see Soughton Hall in the approaching distance, I couldn’t contain my excitement. The grandeur of Soughton Hall is spectacular, with it’s cast iron gates and brick walls, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Soughton Hall was originally built as a Bishop’s Palace in the early 17oos, following a precedent of distinguished residents including bishops, knights, Royal Chaplin and some World’s Greatest travelers. Soughton Hall stands presently day proudly restored in all it’s decadence and splendor surrounded with acres of beautiful Welsh countryside. Each suite is luxuriously decorated with their own unique style and touch. The bridal suite was exquisite and the library in the west wing even had a secret hidden doorway in the bookcase!! Every home should have a secret hidden room in a bookcase if I’m concerned… or I’d settle for a batcave! lol

Everything about their day, was like a beautiful fairy tale; from the newly weds being escorted from the church on a traditional horse drawn carriage, the string quartet to the beautiful venue and secret gardens this was like capturing the story of a beautiful princess marrying her handsome prince.

It means so much to us that we were able to capture one of the happiest days in Kate and Adam’s lives, to witness so many beautiful moments they shared with each other and their loved ones. From seeing each other for the first time down the aisle to a father seeing his only daughter for the first time as a beautiful bride and the groom’s speech expressing how he was marrying his dream girl had everyone in tears. Capturing all these memories is such a true honor and privilege to us. I am proud to say that Kate and Adam are living their happily ever after…

Kate + Adam – we love you guys! xoxo

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