Happy Friday!

We have a special post this week of our dear friend and talented photographer, the lovely Sarah Dawson.  We did a Portrait Session for Sarah about a month ago now and we finally baked some images together for this lovely post so thanks for being super patient Sarah. We have been anxious to share these awesome shots with everyone and especially Sarah. You have been such a wonderful friend to us and we really hope these shots of you will be treasured as a reminder of who you are: Strong, Faithful, Kind Hearted, Thoughtful, the list can go on!

Your spirit is contagious! This shoot is inspired by Sarah, there is also a very important message we wanted to convey with this set. As tattooed on her inner left wrist; Rêve – the French word for Dream (Sarah loves everything French!) is a reminder to always dream because it’s only the possibility of having a dream that makes life extraordinary!

For Sarah’s shoot she left the creativity to us and so we wanted to capture her in a more cinematic approach. So naturally we wanted to go somewhere that was meaningful and sentimental, a place that was familiar and warm to Sarah. And so we were off to Broad Acre Coffee Shop in downtown Sacramento owned by four guys who make your coffee handsome! We could see why a place like Broad Acre was important to Sarah not just for the lavender! coffee but for the conversations she’s had with friends, an afternoon with a book or using the café as a place to work.

And we mustn’t forget Judy! Sarah’s adorable darling little long haired dachshund. She is an absolutely sweetheart with the cutest little face. We hope you enjoy these Sarah (and you too Judy!) =)

Remember to Dream! We want to leave you with a quote from one of our (and Sarah’s) favorite books – “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho.






















































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