“It’s not what we accomplish but what we overcome- the goal is to learn and success will follow.” – Scott Robert Lim

“Everyday we work for someone else is one less day for our hopes and dreams.” – Scott Robert Lim

“The world benefits most when the hero in you is released.” – Scott Robert Lim

The most incredible experiences on my journey aren’t just these places but the people I have shared every memory with.  When I look back at how far I have come I still feel like I was just at the place where it all began.  Life at its very core is all about LOVE.  Without it, life doesn’t really amount to much.

My Journey since 2006

2006: Bay Area SR Photoshop Workshop

2007: Paris International Workshop with Scott Robert Lim – changed my whole entire world in photography.

2008: SF Scott Robert Workshop

2008: NYC Scott Robert Workshop – another amazing SR workshop that would soon bring me to Western Europe.

2008: Spain International Scott Robert Workshop – Found myself and my voice as a artist but most importantly I found the love of my life.  Seville, Spain I found my wife to be, Sou-Wah my absolute joy and the most beautiful person to me in the whole wide world. I love you and can’t wait to marry you!

Life is a journey specifically made to be shared with people.  “You are the same today as you will be five years from now, except for three things–the people you meet, the books you read and the places you go.”

Scott Robert has influenced and enriched so many peoples lives we are forever grateful to you my friend.





Above image: setup by SR himself

International Husband and Wife Photography Team Stephen Sou-Wah of Stephen Anthony Photography

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