Not only was the engagement session of Kate and Adam a big call for celebrations all around but they also recently just got their first swanky new home together too =) with stylish modern cut designs set with the grandeur of the original building undertones and the beautiful open green courtyards really made this shoot pretty damn delicious not to mention the beautiful couple that is Kate + Adam.

They “met” each other in high school but never actually officially met instead they secretly fancied each other from a distance. When friends would ask Kate who her dream man was – she would say Adam and when friends would ask Adam who his dream girl was, it was Kate!As fate would have it, some years later these two finally got together =) yes oh happy day.

Their story is so wonderfully romantic and Kate tells the BEST proposal story which I could never do it justice but here’s my attempt…

Adam pulled all the strings and wanted to surprise Kate on move-in day, sneakily creating little diversions to make sure Kate didn’t suss anything out. With candles leading up the stairs to their roof top terrace, a dressed-down Kate in overalls (it was moving day after all!) finds her man, Adam suited and booted down on one knee with the most beautiful Tiffany ring in his hand, she breaks down with tears streaming and of course accepts his proposal =)

Everyone say “awwwwwwwwww……………….” We can’t be more excited for these two! Kate and Adam, many congrats again! We love you guys


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