Shooting Michelle and Mike’s 2 day wedding was such a blast! There’s just something so significantly special to me about their first day – an intimate romantic wedding ceremony witnessed by their dearest and closest members, i felt so honored to be able to shoot and be a part of their special day, the entire mood and atmosphere of the day was so relaxed and just perfect!  The wedding was held at Alexander Steak House in Cupertino, CA and it was extra special because it was the first wedding the steak house had a privilege of hosting.  They have the most brilliant speak my taste buds have tasted.  Marvelous service, food and atmosphere.  Michelle’s family and mine have known each other for some time now, I always feel I get the best images when I’ve had the pleasure and time to really get to know my clients.

I notice that it’s becoming increasingly popular to spread a wedding day over two days now especially when you have cultural weddings such as a Chinese or Indian weddings.  I really feel it allows for the day to take a more natural and relaxed course without all the craze of one thing after the next crammed in one day.

The second part of M+M’s day was quite the contrast to their first intimate wedding day which was considerably bigger but nonetheless I had such a blast and again was treated to some exquisite dining 🙂 Mmm… we even enjoyed a awesome lion dance and of course some fantastic Chinese Banquet food, always a real tradition at Chinese weddings =)

My work is my passion and Michelle & Mike’s wedding was really significant for me in reminding me why I’m so blessed being able to love what I do. Thank you Michelle and Mike for letting me be a part of your special day and really allowing me to be free with my art, you like all my other clients put your trust in me and I feel greatly honored! Thanks for being amazing people and hope you both had loads of fun =)


Alexander Steak House, Cupertino, CA

Hotel Valencia, San Jose, CA

Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Gorgeous accessories =)

Mustn’t forget her beautiful wedding dress =)

More beautiful bling

I love this blingin ring shot =)

Their programs & invitations were all designed by Michelle & Mike

Sisters putting the finishing touches on Michelle’s beautiful dress

I always like a good smile =)

Doesn’t Michelle look stunning for her big day?

Mike is proper GQ himself

The first look… =)

I love the light here =)

Best steak ever =)

Special one of a kind wedding logo dessert =) You can’t get this dessert on their daily menu folks =)

The coolest after wedding shoot ever!!!!!!!!!! Pool house baby =)

C H I N E S E   W E D D I N G   D A Y   P A R T   2

Michelle looked amazing in her red dress

Gotta get a shot of that beautiful hair

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