March 2007 was the very first wedding I photographed alone and to this day it’s still one of my favorite weddings for many reasons.  Something about the imagery takes me back to the very beginning of things for me and it serves as a reminder of how far along I have come.  In life when you lose your way you often think about the beginning or just when you forget something you always trace how to find what you are looking for by starting at the beginning.  Each year I take time to reflect not only on my life, my work and my faith because life can pass you by so fast.  Life doesn’t wait up for you and most of the time keeping up with life is a task in itself which is why I think its important to slow down because its easy to get lost in life.  We were never intended to experience life on our own and thats why we all need each other.  God inspires us through his beauty and through the people we know and meet in life.  2009 was a blessed year and when I thought about the year things went by so quickly some of it was even a blur.  Which is why this year I want to be more committed to blogging because I used to love to just write my thoughts but my time has limited me.  Each year I always set a vision for the year.  What do I want to change?  How can I improve myself?  Every year I ask for advice or request comment about what my clients, family and friends like to see more of.  Most of the time in life the simplest solution is right in front of us and we might be missing it.  Thankfully I have the most beautiful and marvelous person to spend my life with, Sou-Wah.  She has lit up my life in infinite amounts its brought me back to my beginnings as a wedding photographer.  That’s it, love stories.  The only way to see again is to let LOVE in.  Sou-Wah, I can’t help but declare how wonderful you are to me.  You light up my world!

C I N D Y  + A U R T H R   W E D D I N G   |   G R A S S V A L L E Y , C A

Grass Valley CA wedding

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