Anyone a fan of the infamous UGLY DOLL? I am and so is the talented Ms. Deborah Lee. Deborah is a friend of mine from college and she has some hidden talents I think shes quiet modest about but one of them is her lovely skill of sewing creative replicas of the UGLY DOLL. They look quite fantastic might I add and I hope to get my hands on one from her sometime soon hehe. Deborah is currently pursuing her graduate studies in the field of Nutrition & Food Science (correct me if I’m wrong Deborah =D) but she fully enjoys being crafty as well. Since I love to blog and I love sharing all kinds of neat stuff with the rest of the world I thought I’d feature her on my blog this week. You can find her on WWW.INSTRUCTABLES.COM.  Deborah gained a lot of popularity with her step by step instructions on how she created her UGLY DOLL.  If you’re like me I love DIY stuff, especially if you can make time for it hehe.  Anyways, You can read more about Deborah and her article posted in the local Sacramento Bee New Paper HERE…


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