Yo wasabi world?  Well, wasabi with me is I have been mega busy with shoot and post production work for all my clients.  Anyways, I have the pleasure of introducing Amy and Chris to you whose wedding I will be shooting this coming October, woohoo.  I am very excited to shoot their wedding and we had a brilliant shoot a couple weekends ago in the San Francisco area.  You see I shot in a lot of green places this time around and I just love it.  Green is my favorite color but I just love how it looks in photographs.  We all enjoyed lunch at Park Chow’s near Golden Gate Park before the shoot.  Id say it’s a pretty good place to eat.  The atmosphere is definitely cool and worth hanging out at to enjoy a bite to eat or grabbing a cup of coffee.  The food is rather diverse but overall I think for having such a diverse menu they create the food all rather well.  I hope you all enjoy this set and stay tuned for Catherine and Hendra’s wedding.  =)  Have a beautiful week folks.

Until next time, ciao!


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